Karen is wrestling with a huge pile of boxes as Kevin arrives at the campus, striding past rather than helping. As Zara bustles in grabbing a box he cautions her loudly to be more careful in her condition which visibly irritates Zara. Karen later brings her a cup of tea, but Zara gives her short shrift and an insulted Karen storms out.

When Zara later makes a patient error in front of Karen, she once again offers her a cup of tea. Zara begins to open up about her worries about parenting and reveals how much she’s missing her own mum. Karen says that if she ever needs to talk, she’s there. Zara rudely shrugs off the kind offer, but later makes it up to Karen by bringing her a cup of tea and a muffin. Meanwhile, Daniel breaks the news of Zara’s pregnancy to Izzie.

Cherry is excited by the huge present Marina has left for Heston, but when Mrs Tembe later delivers the cocktail shaker to the man himself her jealousy is obvious. She slyly questions Freya about Marina and is horrified by Freya’s candid take on their relationship. As Heston leaves for the night, Mrs Tembe tells him she’s pleased he’s found Marina, but when he has gone, her bottom lip trembles with emotion.

And Jack realises that everyone has an important role to play in life.