Zara doesn’t recognise old friend Mary-Anne McFadden who’s put on a lot of weight since they were at uni together. Mary-Anne and boyfriend Jonathan are flying out to Las Vegas in two days’ time to get hitched.

When Jonathan tries to call off the wedding after his bank account is emptied and Mary-Anne offers to pay, a suspicious Zara hatches a plan. Zara invites Jonathan to lunch and goes on a full-on Zara seduction offensive and Mary-Anne catches them as they almost kiss! Will Mary-Anne go ahead with the wedding?

Bored with paper work, Heston takes on one of Jimmi’s home visits and is delighted when Pamela, an attractive novelist he admires, opens the door. She says her mother Doreen, who has dementia, is convinced she’s Scottish, but thinks she’s putting on this latest episode because she’s going away.

Pamela explains that Doreen thinks Heston is her old Scottish friend Billy and begs him to play along with the delusion. Pamela leaves Heston to watch Doreen, who leaps out of bed and starts chasing him around the room.

When he tells Doreen he’s there to take her to a home, Doreen locks herself in the bathroom then throws a bucket of water over him. As Pamela arrives home to the chaos, Heston regrets playing along with Doreen’s delusion. When he leaves the women share a laugh. Were they playing him all along?