In an effort to get their relationship back on track, Zara organises dinner in a posh restaurant but Jed’s dreading it. Zara gets emotional as she confides in Daniel about Jed, saying he’s driving her crazy. Daniel’s surprised that she hasn’t brought this up with Jed or even considered that he might not be happy with things either.

Dinner is a disaster with Jed fleeing before they’ve eaten. Zara follows but when she tells Jed she doesn’t think him living with her is working out, he storms off. Later, Jed agrees to move out and Zara says she’ll help him look at sheltered accommodation by the sea. Jed tells Zara he’s very proud of her and she weeps in his arms.

When Charlie’s gout forces him out of the tap dancing, Ruth begs Jimmi to take his place, but he refuses and Daniel won’t do it either. Ruth eventually manages to twist Jimmi’s arm, but grows frustrated when he fails to take rehearsals seriously, and fears the whole thing is going to be a disaster.

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