After discovering that gangsters plan to kill her friend Edwin, she reports his situation to police, who inform her a body has been found and Zara identifies it as Edwin. DCI Driver then reveals that Edwin’s son Toby is still alive and, if they find him, he could identify his father’s killer. Zara remembers Edwin was staying in his mother’s old house and that’s where she finds a pathetic Toby, who’s unrepentant and doesn’t accept responsibility for his father’s death.

When Toby stops Zara calling the police, she tells him they already know about the murder and the deal Edwin was doing with the gangster. But Toby simply pins the blame on Zara – instead of giving his father money, she refused, sealing his fate to die; and now she’s involved the police, they are all doomed. Meanwhile, Daniel’s tracked Zara and Toby down and, between them, they convince Toby to tell the police what he knows.

Meanwhile, Rob’s having second thoughts about family time and is worried that the presence of the kids may be overwhelming for Karen. Nonetheless, Jack and Immie insist they give it a go. Unfortunately, when Immie overhears her mother and father talking about Karen kissing Jack, they all start arguing – but Karen’s suddenly struck by the familiarity and they end up playing a game they used to play together often – this is real family time.

Also, Mrs Tembe takes an opportunity to introduce Josh to Reverend Marchant. Josh tells Viv about his violent past but stops short of telling her the truth about his rape convictions. However, believing Viv knows the whole truth, Mrs Tembe is relieved she has the Reverend’s backing in her support of Josh.