Zara receives a mysterious package!

Zara is on hot coals all day waiting for a delivery but she won’t say what it is, finally it arrives but mysteriously she takes it home unwrapped, treating it as a precious object! Cherry also receives a parcel and realises it’s actually for Scott; he did say he might need her to be a point of contact sometimes and she’s delighted.

Julia goes to campus determined to sort out the space issue and regrettably decides Zara’s suggestion that she gives up her office permanently is the only sensible possibility. She decides to work in the stationary cupboard, and crams all her stuff in there.

Just at her lowest ebb, Ruth comes for a chat to say she’d like to start looking for a place of her own as the next step of her recovery. She’s grateful for all Julia has done for her and assumes Julia will appreciate having her house back to herself.

Also, Jimmi gets a piece of fan mail sent directly to The Mill and an old crook shows Lily what real dedication to a lover is.

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