Zara returns to her ‘happy’ family

Zara gets Joe ready and then hands him over to a listless Daniel. He tries to get Zara to stay at home with Joe while he goes to work, but Zara doesn’t recognise his desperation and refuses to swap. With Zara at work Daniel ignores Joe in his bouncy chair as he lies on the sofa.

Daniel tries to feed Joe some pureed vegetables, but when the food is thrown in his face he glares at Joe, then begs him to eat. In frustration, he throws the bowl on the floor and resorts to a glass of vodka. When Zara returns to a spotless house she’s impressed and, finding her two boys asleep together, she feels blessed.

As Kevin watches Karen and Elaine laughing at a patient anecdote he comments to Mandy that they’ve forgotten about Freya already. When Patti arrives he tries to avoid seeing her but Mandy overhears Karen lying for him. Mandy goes to Kevin and tells him he should have had the decency to see Patti, but when Kevin confides in her that he feels he should have been the one that died, Mandy’s surprised by how stricken he is.

Mandy later suggests they go for a walk, but when they encounter Patti Kevin knows she’s set him up. However, talking to Patti about Freya’s blog begins to help him and Mandy suggests they need to go back to Michaela’s place to get closure.

Also, Jimmi deals with a man who has taken the law into his own hands to avenge his wife’s hit-and-run accident.