With options running out, Zara decides to take matters into her own hands by visiting the homeless man, Kev, in order to get some answers.

Eventually, Kev tells Zara the woman who took Izzie was with a man who tried talking to Daniel on Monday. She and Daniel then go to the police station to look through the CCTV tapes until they spot the man Kev was talking about. They both notice the man was carrying a bag from a local hardware store so they decide to investigate themselves.

Meanwhile, Adam persuades Lisa to go live on air to present her side of the story, but once he’s got her there, he turns on her and questions why she would abandon her child at seven months old. Lisa is lost for words and eventually leaves.

Daniel sees Lisa’s interview and rushes to her house. His anger about her plan to take Izzie is pushed to the side as he comforts her. As they get closer, Daniel impulsively kisses her and the two end up having sex.

Meanwhile, Susan and Alec let Christopher out of his room after he apologises for trying to run away, but as soon as the chance occurs he runs out of the house.

Despite Susan and Alec calling after him, Christopher continues running towards a bus stop but in his haste he doesn’t notice a car coming and he is knocked down.

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