Zara’s on the warpath

Jimmi and Ayesha are enjoying looking at the pictures of Al in Letherbridge Life, while Zara’s unhappy with the portrayal of her house. Daniel contacts the magazine and gets some better pictures for Zara, which seems to placate her. Later, Zara realises Mrs Tembe isn’t happy in her home and tells her the solution is simple – move!

Karen opens up about the social worker visit and her problems with the self-service machine. Ruhma believes the machine is making her feel undervalued and she is transferring that to her fostering plans. Later, Mrs Tembe enters reception to find Karen dealing with a patient in distress after getting confused by the machine.

Al receives a phone call asking him to do a presentation at the University on his App. Unsure whether to do it, he confides in Jimmi, who persuades him that he knows more on the subject than anyone.

Also, Valerie tries to assist a Professor with an unusual illness.