In a shocking twist, Christopher has died from his injuries. DI Driver takes his fingerprints and reveals to Jimmi that they match those of John Talley, a three-year-old boy, who was kidnapped eight years ago.

Meanwhile, Alec and Susan are distraught at the news of Christopher’s death. Susan realises that the police will soon find them and packs a bag, but Daniel and Zara aren’t far behind. They recognise the name of village from their investigations at the hardware store and arrive at the Oakley’s address.

They find a ferry booking confirmation and inform Driver of the Oakley’s car registration and where they’re headed. When the pair spot Rob pulling in at a service station, they follow him. Daniel pushes past Rob and frantically searches inside. He spots Alec coming down the escalators and chases after him.

Meanhile, Zara has spotted Susan and follows her onto a bridge crossing the motorway. Police approach from the other side and Susan is cornered. She stands closer to the edge, refusing to give Izzie up.

Zara tries talking Susan round appealing to her maternal instincts. Susan slowly hands Izzie over to Zara who then walks to the police and coldy tells them to arrest her. The she hears cars crash and a scream – Susan jumped off the bridge.

Despite being eternally grateful to Zara, Daniel reveals he is going home with Lisa to try and re-build his family. Zara is understandably distraught and ends up sobbing at home.

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