It’s Sid’s last day before he starts his new work placement, and as he says his goodbyes, he ignores Jimmi’s negative attitude. He also heads into Zara’s room, where she wishes him luck and concedes he’s taught her a lot. Later, Sid tries to have a chat with Jimmy, but when he’s unresponsive Sid finally snaps, telling him some home truths.

When Grace visits the Mill and discovers she has lost her ring, Karen helps look for it. Unknown to them, Carl, the groundskeeper at the local park has found it and gives it to his girlfriend, pretending he bought it for her as a present. Grace insists Abbie should keep the ring and Karen is touched by her generosity.

Sean plants love notes in Al and Niamh’s pigeon holes – that they are meant to have written for each other. It isn’t long before they discover the truth and are both furious. But when they go to confront Sean at the Icon he is snogging someone he has just met so they decide to leave it – for now.