Lisa and Izzie surprise Daniel with a visit. Zara, who’s stayed over, wins Lisa around and even secures Daniel another meeting with Izzie. Later, Zara assures him her actions weren’t unmotivated – she’ll want a favour from him soon.

Sissy wakes Jimmi from his drugged up stupor. She reveals she has never had a boyfriend and tries to kiss him. Jimmi tells her that he may not be the right man for her. Sissy becomes angry and Jimmi claims he’s just nervous and asks that she make the mood more romantic with candles.

Alone, Jimmi reaches for his mobile but then sees Sissy has been watching him the whole time. Furious he wants to leave her, she forces more pills down his throat.

Also, when Cherry meets what seems to be a charming man she has to decide whether to trust her instincts or not.

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