It’s Daniel’s first day back at work, leaving Zara home alone with baby Joe. She ushers Daniel out the door and protests to be fine but starts to break down when Joe starts a violent bout of crying. As time goes by, Joe just won’t stop and Zara cracks, tears streaming down her face.

In the midst of the chaos, Marina arrives for a check-up and immediately takes charge; sending Joe to sleep and reassuring Zara. Zara thanks Marina for her help but asks her to keep the outburst quiet and creates an image of domestic bliss for Daniel’s return home.

When patient Grace Barberry stages a sit-in at The Mill until her referral appointment with the specialist is made, Julia realises something’s amiss. She discovers Kevin has neglected to use the new ‘Choose and Book’ patient referral system and is annoyed by his dismissive attitude towards the matter.

When Julia hears about other missed referrals, she vents her frustration to Heston, who thinks Julia’s blaming the way he taught the new system to Kevin. Later, Julia has a go at Kevin for neglecting his duties and wants him to sort the mess out asap. Kevin is left alone with Julia’s words ringing in his ears.

Also, Jack questions the future after a run-in with his Law Professor.