Determined not to lose her patience with Jed, Zara takes him to an over-50s club at a church hall, where Jed enjoys the table tennis and watching the karaoke. As they drive home, Zara struggles to make conversation with her dad and as they play cards later on, Zara is bored out of her mind.

When Julia calls Zara to ask if she needs any more time off, Zara makes it quite clear that she needs to return to work. That evening, Jed spills his hot drink all down himself she has to help him as if he were a small child. Zara is miserable – this isn’t what she expected their reunion to be like.

Cherry vows to cheer Simon up with a special breakfast but, when Simon feels like he keeps having to defend Will, he turns to Ruth for support. Later, Simon opens up to Ruth as the pair get drunk at The Icon.

Also, Julia discovers the lengths an elderly mother will go to in caring for her Down’s Syndrome daughter.

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