Zara tackles the staff appraisals

It’s the day of the staff appraisals and Karen is first up. Zara does her best to focus Karen but she’s busy thinking about everything that she wants to do with her life. Next up is Ayesha, and Zara finds herself surprised by her lack of ambition. Valerie is next but she’s soon oversharing about her life. After Valerie comes Niamh who becomes defensive and flees the room in tears.

Al is in next and wickedly refuses to say a word. Emma is next up but Zara makes a fatal error in letting slip that she knows about the miscarriage – Daniel told her in confidence, she isn’t supposed to know!

When Zara asks Heston how he is feeling about his role, he snaps and pours out all his frustrations with Anthony. Daniel arrives with lunch for Zara and manages to make her laugh after a terrible day. Meanwhile, Heston, Niamh and Emma are feeling the after-effects of their bruising appraisals.