Zara takes Joe to church

Daniel tries to calm an anxious Zara as she gets dressed for their first visit to Mrs Tembe’s Church, St Bernadette’s – they have to make the right impression! Over breakfast, Zara tries in vain to get Joe to say ‘Amen’, before quizzing Daniel on his Bible knowledge. Realising how little they know, they decide they need to just turn up, keep quiet, look sincere then scarper. 

As they arrive, Reverend Viv greets them warmly at the door, but Zara flounders when she asks if Joe has been christened forcing Daniel to quickly step in and charm his way through it – even a sceptical Mrs Tembe is starting to have doubts as he talks about the many ways they have been tested recently and the soul searching they’ve done as a result.

Inside, Zara feels uncomfortable, firstly when Viv takes Joe to play with the other children and then during hymns, which Daniel seems to be enjoying. Desperate to leave quickly, they are collared by Mrs Tembe who tries to break through their façade. As they escape, Zara admits she hated every minute and apologises for putting Daniel through such a ridiculous charade. But Daniel genuinely enjoyed it – and ‘Amen’ says Joe!

Also, on a quiet Sunday shift, Rob finds himself reluctantly investigating the theft of a laptop – but will the right person face justice?