Zara takes Joe to Dr Burnett

Zara visits Dr Burnett and he refers Joe to audiologist and ophthalmologist. She’s clearly happy someone is taking her seriously and makes another appointment. Al asks her for any contact numbers of any friends of Jimmi, and she remembers a Franklyn, but Daniel has the number. She skypes him, but doesn’t mention Joe’s appointment.

Heston does a house call, where a young man is planning to propose to his girlfriend. But when she collapses with low blood sugar Heston gives her cake from the fridge unaware there is an engagement ring hidden in it. She chokes on the ring but Heston quickly performs the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Al tells Emma, Niamh and Ayesha that Jimmi and Heather have split up. He explains he can’t get hold of Jimmi and is going to call the police but Niamh suggests trying to contact some of Jimmi’s friends. Meanwhile, Jimmi, ignoring his phone, is unkempt in a barn in the middle of nowhere.

Karen tries to tell people about Rob buying the house at the auction.