Zara tries to get Mrs Tembe to move house

Jimmi asks Zara to convince Mrs Tembe to move house. So Zara tells Mrs Tembe that, as practice manager, she has an image to maintain and there is no shame in living comfortably. Mrs Tembe is almost convinced until Zara suggests her work is being badly affected by her living conditions. Mrs Tembe is furious and, when Zara tries to apologise, becomes very emotional.

Martha’s upset that her 18-year-old niece Jane is embarrassed by her and is becoming close to a brash girl called Amy. It soon becomes clear Amy is only using Jane to get to the guys she likes. Meanwhile, Emma reveals to Martha that she has tested positive for lupus. She reveals to Emma that she doesn’t see the point in getting better; everyone thinks she is boring, even Jane. However, when Martha later tells Amy to leave Jane alone, Jane’s impressed and Martha suggests they drink some wine together.

Meanwhile, Ruhma visits Paul and Rhiannon and notices the baby has tongue tie. She assures the couple it’s easily resolved, touched by their concern.