At the Campus, Ruth tries to cheer Simon up after the assault on Friday, but he shuts her out again. Ruth tells Zara about Simon, and Zara takes him for lunch at the Icon.

When Simon tells Zara how useless he feels, Zara suggests an astronomy weekend and hands him a flyer. Later, Simon apologises to Ruth and it looks like he’s feeling better – but when Ruth leaves he starts to sob.

Meanwhile, on Housman Ward, Anna asks Michelle to sit with a patient, Gary, in critical care. Gary asks Michelle what happened to him – all he can remember is the smell of burning. As Gary’s family can’t be contacted, Michelle is all he’s got.

Later, Gary tells Michelle there is someone she could contact – his friend Jack Hollins. As Michelle agrees, he asks her to call him Gaz. Michelle goes to the Hollins’ house and Immie and Jack are distraught to hear the news…

Also, Jimmi is asked for help by a monk who is tortured by events from his past.

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