Zara upsets Simon

Cherry suggests to Simon that they go out with Michelle for a drink after work to cheer her up, but Simon is distracted by Daniel asking whether he’s done his forms. At the Campus, a glum Michelle is instantly cheered up by seeing Zara. And when Cherry arrives and asks Michelle out for a drink, Zara boldly invites herself along!

When they all arrive at The Icon bar, Zara wastes no time in teasing Simon about his crush on Daniel. Cherry defends Simon, and the gang are left open-mouthed when Zara declares that she and Daniel have already slept together. Simon is devastated and the group splits as Cherry and Simon can’t tolerate Zara any longer.

Michelle agrees to stay out but when she gets very drunk and asks for help, Zara ignores her and goes off with a man. Alone and drunk, Michelle manages to stagger home but collapses in a drunken heap on her own doorstep.

Also, Lily is called to the home of entrepreneur Malcolm Crumb whose housekeeper, Mrs Gillespie, has found a severed hand in the garden. But it becomes evident that Mrs Gillespie knows more about the incident than she’s letting on…

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