Zara wants rid of Howard!

Zara’s in a chipper mood now that the threat of the reaccreditation has gone and tries to rally the troops, but there are still a few misgivings about Howard. Howard relays the news that he’s planning on giving the surgery an overhaul and he’d like to have a look at Zara’s office in particular, which boosts her high spirits but not everyone is so keen.

When Karen discovers Howard’s sacked the cleaner she’s outraged, as is Elaine but Zara maintains that it’s all in their best interests. However, her mood changes when she discovers that an extension to her room isn’t possible at the moment and it’ll just be Howard’s room that’s renovated.

Incensed, Zara demands that she take the practice manager’s office and pulls rank over Howard. She proceeds to move all of her things and instructs Daniel to check on Howard’s contract as she wants him out. Unfortunately, it’s bad news – they would incur a financial penalty if they were to terminate Howard’s contract. Zara’s horrified to learn that, for the foreseeable future, they’re stuck with him.

Also, preparations for the Diamond Jubilee weekend are well underway and Jack is enlisted to help out but things don’t quite go to plan when a grieving Ukranian, a double decker bus and a gang of hoodies cause havoc.