Zara witnesses a road accident

Zara witnesses the aftermath of a road accident. A woman lies dead in the road, her ID identifying her as the mother of one of Zara’s young patients. Zara goes with Rob to inform Casey, who insists that her mother must still be alive. She runs off but when Zara tracks her down, shockingly, Casey’s mother turns up. It transpires that the body isn’t that of her mother but of a thief who stole her mother’s handbag.

Emma returns from Australia to find the staff are glum following the string of disasters and patients are steering clear. Howard is certain that Gary Lucas is behind it all but Emma rouses him and he rallies the troops, making assurances about the future of The Mill. Eventually Howard gets a call – the water tests at The Mill are clear and it’s free to continue operating.

Valerie officially registers as a candidate in the local elections but starts to think more deeply about her political image. She starts to channel her inner Maggie Thatcher, to the extent that she unnerves the ever-supportive Ashley.