Zara worries about Joe

Zara bumps into her friend, Stella, who has a daughter, Lily. Zara gets worried about Joe when Stella talks about how developed Lily is. Zara draws a face and asks Joe to draw his eyes and mouth but is concerned when Joe just scribbles outside the face.

Al meets Kara who has Apergers and has had a fight with her older sister, Lottie, who wants to volunteer to go into care. Lottie opens up to Al that her friends at school are not being supportive about Kara’s condition and they call her names behind her back. Al encourages Lottie that she’s a bright girl and that she will rule the world one day!

Jimmi and Heather look into Heather’s family history and discover her great grandmother took her life after giving birth, which could be linked to a pregnancy issue called post-partum psychosis. Heather worries that it might be hereditary and suggests they should do Jimmi’s family tree but he snaps and walks away.