Doing the laundry, Zara finds loose change in Daniel’s trousers and puts it on the table, but when she finds Joe playing with the coins, she fears he may have swallowed some and rushes Joe to A&E where Doctor Desai checks him over. Joe seems fine, but Doctor Desai notices some unusual bruises on his lower back which Zara dismisses, she hadn’t noticed them before and Joe’s always bumping into things.

Daniel arrives at A&E to find Zara arguing with Doctor Desai, who explains that taking Joe to two different A&E hospitals, along with the bruising, has set alarm bells ringing. Daniel’s confused about the first trip and Zara explains that Joe fell of the bed at her dad’s house. Doctor Desai explains that the other hospital also noted bruising on Joe’s legs and, as neither of them can offer an explanation, he’ll have to contact Social Services. Zara and Daniel are in shock.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Chris can’t fail to notice the battered state of Howard when he arrives for work and are surprised by his determination to meet as planned for the Military Fitness course at lunchtime. In the park, Howard tries to hide the pain as he warms up before they are introduced to ex-soldier Gavin Morris, who makes it very clear he’s there to train warriors and not wimps! Will Howard handle the pace?

Also, following a tragic car accident, a young woman has to face her demons and turns to Mandy for help.