Zara’s back at The Mill!

Zara’s back and Karen and Al are bemused when she is kind and attentive with her patients. Zara also shakes hands with Sid, and Daniel can see that she’s relieved at this fresh start.  Later, she’s amazed to hear about Valerie and Barry’s wedding and explains what an evolutionary disaster their children would be – the old Zara is definitely back!

Ayesha meets an old school friend, Jake, and is stunned to learn he hasn’t told his wife Gabby that he has cancer. Later, Ayesha reveals to Gabby that Jake has cancer and Daniel gives her a warning for breaking patient confidentiality. At the hospital, Gabby tells Jake she’ll never leave him.

When Barry mentions a register office for the wedding, Valerie admonishes him and pulls out her scrapbook. She reels off everything she wants for her wedding and is touched when he offers her a key to his house and says he’ll sell his coin collection to pay for it. He’s dismayed, however, when she declines to move in with him for now.