Zara’s had a cake especially delivered from France and tells Cherry she can only have a slice if she makes glum Ruth laugh. Cherry accepts and arranges for her and Ruth to go for drinks that night.

When Zara gets a call from her old mentor Dr Mills, asking her to cover for him at a boxing event, she takes the cake with her. Zara’s unimpressed when manager Jonty tells her to make sure his fighter JJ is OK to fight.

After treating JJ’s cut hand in his dressing room, Zara returns backstage where she finds Dr Mills and some first aiders eating her cake! Clutching the remains of her cake, Zara’s shocked to find a disorientated JJ with a lump on his head, unaware of how he did it.

Zara asks Mills if he’s treating JJ for diabetes, and neither he or Jonty can look at her. Zara feeds JJ her beloved cake to increase his blood sugar and he starts to perk up. JJ tells Zara that Jonty and Mills wanted to keep his condition a secret to ensure a sponsorship deal.

At the Icon, Ruth laughs as she notices Cherry has returned from the loo with her skirt tucked in her knickers. As Zara sits in the ambulance with JJ and her last slice of cake, she receives a photo from Cherry of Ruth laughing. She smiles at the photo, but takes a big bite of the cake anyway!

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