As Zara waits anxiously outside the prison for her father, Daniel calls to advise her to take it easy with him. When Jed emerges, Zara takes him shopping to buy a new suit but he soon grows anxious and wants to go home. Later, as they eat lunch, Jed spills some food down his new suit but as Zara dabs with a damp cloth, he starts to cry and all Zara can do is hold and comfort him.

Will suggests that he and Simon go for a walk in the country to discuss recent events and Will reveals that his dad was in the army and would kill him if he knew he was gay. After Will and Simon help out at an accident involving a pregnant woman, a photographer turns up to take pictures of the heroes. But just before the photo is taken, Will ducks out, saying he looks bad in pictures, and Simon is clearly upset.

Also, Ruth’s day is turned upside town by a tearaway visitor to the Mill.

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