Zara’s feeling flirty…

Zara’s feeling frisky now she’s had her boot removed and her ankle is better – she flirts madly with Daniel and tells him she’s booked a babysitter for that evening. He has to remind her of their agreement to avoid sex for two weeks but, later that afternoon, she’s still trying it on, so when Heston tells them about the Partners Dinner, Daniel happily accepts on their behalf. For Zara, the challenge is on and she takes some sexy photos on her phone.

Meanwhile, Howard’s delighted when Heston announces the Partners Dinner in honour of him and tells him he has lots of new ideas he wants to share – much to Heston’s dismay. At the dinner, Heston orders champagne and his true agenda is revealed as he announces his recent generous donation to support the University Hardship Fund. Zara and Daniel’s flirting leads to an announcement they are back together but still Daniel manages to resist her.

Howard then shares his ideas which include bringing in an Echocardiogram and forming a Crisis Response Plan. Neither go down very well and Zara suggests they need something to keep Howard busy such as the very dull 360 Staff Feedbacks. As Zara and Daniel bombard him with faked enthusiasm, Howard’s given no chance to refuse and is left in little doubt that he’s still not quite a part of their gang.

Also, when three generations of women find themselves living together under the same roof, the resulting tensions create an unusual and frightening situation for Jimmi.