Zara’s hormones are raging!

Daniel presents Zara with a babygrow but she thinks it’s too early. He says she shouldn’t really be wearing high heels. At lunch, Daniel can’t help asking about folic acid as Zara defiantly studies the wine list. She ends up with orange juice, but tells Daniel she wants things to be normal for as long as possible and no one must know about her pregnancy at work.

Daniel agrees and says she looks hotter than ever. At the end of the day, Zara launches herself at him, but Daniel worries about the risk of miscarriage in the early weeks of IVF pregnancy. Zara snaps, insisting that when they get home he’s going to lie back and think of England!

Meanwhile, Elaine sits in a cafe reading a book when Harrison bumps into her. He’s been meaning to pick up a copy of the book – perhaps they should share it? As they connect, Elaine suggests they make a date but, when Harrison is hesitant, Elaine backtracks. Later, a lonely Elaine is surprised to get a call from Harrison who asks her out for dinner.

Also, Kevin is drawn into an oppressed woman’s attempt to break free from her menacing boyfriend.