Cherry has made ‘save the date’ magnets with little teddies on for her and Jimmi’s wedding and she tells Mrs Tembe to gather everyone in the staff room later for an announcement.

Meanwhile, Daniel returns from Greece and suggests to Zara that they tell everyone she’s pregnant. Zara wants more time, but when Julia mentions a long-term project for Zara she has to come clean. As Zara and Daniel reveal their news, Cherry is thrilled until Zara reveals the due date – the day of their wedding!

Later, Cherry sobs to Jimmi that Zara has stolen their special day. Jimmi reassures her they can rearrange and Cherry decides Valentine’s Day would be a good alternative. Jimmi promises he’ll make it up to her.

Meanwhile, Heston and Marina work together to help a stressed stay-at-home dad driven to desperate measures. Later, Heston builds up the courage to ask Marina out. She accepts and they make a date for tomorrow.