Zara’s not letting her guard down

Zara is struggling to deal with Joe, her broken foot, and the painkillers she’s on, when nanny Nina appears on the doorstep. She’s young, attractive and formidable – not unlike Zara herself, and probably the reason Zara is rude to her. Daniel arrives and the ante is upped – Zara’s exhausted, but she won’t leave Daniel alone with Joe, and happily insults him and Nina, eventually forcing Daniel to leave.

By the afternoon, Nina’s had enough of the abuse and tells Zara so – everyone at the agency refuses to work for her, and now she sees why. Nina’s not putting up with her behaviour and goes, leaving Zara back at square one. With no other option she has to do the last thing she wants to – call Daniel. He comes over to help her out and, even though she’s grateful, her defences won’t be coming down any time soon.

Emma and Chris arrive at work all smiles. Mandy asks Chris about this new closeness and he admits that reading his father’s journals have made him see Emma differently, he understands her. Howard quizzes Emma – aren’t they a little too close for a Mother/Son relationship? Is it normal for Chris to wear Sam’s clothes? Emma’s furious claiming Howard is jealous of their relationship. Howard walks off, he can’t talk to her like this.

Also, Jimmi’s threshold for dirt is tested when a formidable patient needs his help.