Zara arrives at Cuckoo Farm for a home visit and when a seemingly able Amanda Lees answers the door, Zara demands to know why she called her out. Amanda blames Zara for having a fling with her husband Steve but Zara claims she didn’t know he was married. Amanda then locks Zara in the bedroom before driving Zara’s car into a barn out of sight.

Zara flees the room but when she sees that the keys are missing from her car, she heads back to the house and trips on the way, knocking herself out. Zara wakes up tied to the sofa and finds Amanda threatening her with a hammer, blaming Zara for destroying her marriage. Amanda tells Zara that she and Steve rowed about her having a termination the night he met Zara.

As Zara manages to escape, Amanda runs into the barn, where Zara finds her standing on the edge of the open loading bay threatening to jump. When Amanda slips and falls backwards, Zara grabs her and pull her in. Later, Zara and Ruth head out to a bar, where Zara approaches a man who has caught her eye. And she soon spots his wedding ring…

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