Zeedan drops a bombshell on Rana

A sacrifice by Yasmeen makes Zeedan think again about the wedding in Corrie

Rana squirms as her parents inform Yasmeen and Zeedan of the string of unsuitable men in her past. Zeedan’s glad to escape to the Bistro when Leanne calls, confiding in her that he’s worried that he and Rana are rushing into marriage. Later, Zeedan makes a shocking decision when he discovers Yasmeen’s pawned her wedding ring to pay towards the wedding…

Aidan resolves to do what he can to help speed up Maria’s release for Liam’s sake. He meets up with Ben, a hotshot solicitor and asks him to take on Maria’s case, but is he putting everything on the line for Maria?

Erica insists the twins do their homework in the shop where she can keep an eye on them. But the twins steal some scratch cards and a thrilled Aadi reveals he’s won £300. But how will they get the money without Erica finding out?

Someone’s watching Ken as he goes for a walk with Daniel and apologises for not spending more time with him when he was growing up.