Zeedan Nazir proposes to Rana

Zeedan reveals how alone he feels before he stuns Rana by asking her to marry him.

Realising Zeedan Nazir has found out about the £14k, Sharif makes out it was a temporary loan and the money will be back in the account in a couple of days. Meanwhile, Zeedan stuns Rana with a shock proposal – will she accept?

Kirk and Aidan call at Maria’s flat, while Kate’s horrified when she receives a voice message from Caz telling her Maria has locked her in the bathroom and fears for her life. Later, the police arrive and question Maria about the events surrounding Caz’s disappearance…

Erica complains to Dev about the awful new uniform he expects her to wear and is taken aback when Dev asks her to move in with him.

The Rovers Halloween party takes place. Simon is thrilled when he overhears Peter telling Tracy he intends to be the best dad he can.