Zeedan punches Jason!

Hanging her head in shame, Alya admits to Anna that the wedding is off as she slept with Jason behind Gary’s back. Meanwhile, Zeedan accuses Jason of taking advantage of his sister, but Jason’s quick to point out it was what Alya wanted. Zeedan sees red and throws a punch.

David assures Kylie he’s not proud of what they did to Callum, but they had no choice. After Eva finds out Jason slept with Alya she suggests to Kylie that they go and get sloshed to forget their worries. But David’s worried Kylie might spill the beans to her best friend.

Nessa grabs the chance to spend some time with Ken and offers to help Emily sell charity poppies. After a successful afternoon selling poppies, Nessa drags Ken for a celebratory drink, but Cathy’s disapproving.

When Brendan calls in the Kabin and invites Mary for a drink, she’s thrilled while Norris is peeved. Having discovered a leak in the ladies’ loos, Liz is forced to ask for Tony’s help.