Zeke and Rachel feel for Grandpa Tom

Zeke and Rachel are upset by the news that Grandpa Tom is being put back into an elderly care home. Karl and Susan insist that Tom desperately needs greater supervision than they can provide at home, but when Tom apologises for landing Rachel in trouble, the kids feel increasingly unhappy about casting Tom adrift. Forced to wait for another place in the nursing home, Karl struggles to cope with his dad’s steadily deteriorating condition.

Convinced Ned doesn’t share her romantic feelings, Janae sees her upcoming move to Cairns as the perfect way to get over him. However, she’s unaware that Ned feels the same way but is too scared to admit it. Ned is shocked when Janae says she’s leaving, but is surprised when sympathetic Paul encourages him to fight for her. Later, his frustration boils over when he finds out Mickey’s being bullied and Mickey ends up making a final heartfelt plea for Janae to stay.

Harold asks Lou whether he should tell Janelle the truth about Loris’s baby swap, but Lou discourages him.

Also, Pepper is unable to get Adam out of her head.