Zeke and Ringo fight over Donna

Ringo and Zeke’s pre-arranged boxing match is looming, however the stakes change when they each receive a letter from Donna who has left Ramsay Street suddenly. The letters break off her involvement with both boys, and express her distress at their determination to compete over her so violently. Rejection fuels the boys’ insecurities.

With deep reservations, family and friends gather at the gym for the boxing match, but Ringo and Zeke fail to show. Karl and Susan hope they have come to their senses but Declan raises the alarm that the fight may be on elsewhere. Realising the boys have built this to the point where they can’t back down, the race is on to find them and stop them before they inflict serious harm.

Dan’s run-in with Steve reminds Libby of the hazards of raising boys with a bloke’s mentality. Overly anxious, she crashes the Gladiator day at Scouts. But Dan convinces her to let Ben face some fears without his mum there to protect him.

Steve’s at a low point after his altercation with Dan. Bridget’s love and respect force him to pull himself out of his depression, and for once he reaches out instead of acting out.

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