Zeke is hurt that Sunny won’t believe him that Robin purposely locked him in the cupboard, and when Karl spots the bruise on Robin’s face, he gets on Zeke’s case too. But when Sunny later asks Zeke why he told Robin on the phone that he couldn’t make it to dinner, Zeke proves to Sunny that Robin never rang him, he was locked in a cupboard without his phone!

Finally, Sunny realises Robin has been manipulating her and Zeke all along and they both come up with a plan to catch him out. Sunny organises to meet with Robin and tricks him into believing she has broken up with Zeke, because of his jealousy. When Robin plays into her hands her and Zeke reveals their trick to him, Robin is humiliated.

Lyn admits to Susan that she is the gossip girl for Paul’s column and needs her help to delete an article she doesn’t want published. Not realising the article is actually about Libby, Susan sets out to help Lyn by first helping her to delete the article she sent to Paul. However, when Susan comes across the email and sees the article is about Libby, she can’t believe Lyn would stoop so low! How could she use Libby’s marital problems as material for her column, and betray a friend?

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