Zeke and Taylah are in trouble

Susan and Karl are shocked that Zeke and Taylah appear to have taken their relationship to the next level with Zeke somehow managing to buy alcohol. Furious Brad accuses Zeke of trying to get his daughter drunk and bans him from seeing Taylah.

Susan and Karl try to convince Zeke that he’s not ready for an adult relationship, but he is defiant and later sneaks into Taylah’s room through her window, telling her that no-one can stop them from being with each other. Meanwhile, Susan and Karl discover Zeke’s bed hasn’t been slept in and march round to Taylah’s where they and a furious Brad discover Zeke and Taylah together.

Rebecca is insulted by Steve’s poor opinion of her parenting, but despairs when she discovers that Declan went behind her back to ask Elle to buy alcohol for him. Questioning her parenting skills, she resolves to put Declan back on the straight and narrow before he goes over the edge.

Also, Kirsten tells Elle that she has ended things with Paul for good and fully intends to tell Rebecca everything.

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