Loved-up Zeke has convinced Mia to let him be involved in her next, more dangerous animal activist mission – the Elliot Park Testing Facility. But security is much tighter than Mia’s team imagined, forcing her to cancel the mission. Worried that Mia will leave town, Zeke is determined to find a way to keep the plan on track. Using his smarts, Zeke gets the plan reinstated, but has he pushed his luck too far this time?

Struggling to keep thoughts of Andrew out of her head, Donna is left disappointed when Ringo chooses to attend his university orientation evening instead of helping her with her Shrugolero business. Sensing his opportunity, Andrew tries to put a deliberate wedge between them by suggesting that Donna is headed for great things and Ringo is just going to hold her back. Donna can’t help but feel rattled by Andrew’s comments… Could Andrew be right?

Lucas’s frustration is piqued when Steph calls Lyn but refuses to speak to him. And when he learns that Toadie has gone to be with Steph without his knowledge he’s furious. Lyn begs him to have faith and patience with her daughter. The question is – can he?

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