With the wedding planning in full swing, Donna and Ringo explain to Zeke that Kate is maid of honour and Declan is best man as they’re a couple. Zeke is upset until they ask him to be MC. However, when the boys start planning Ringo’s buck’s party, Zeke feels left out.

Paul contacts Rosemary in America and asks her for time off work indefinitely. She gives him six months and says Diana can stand in. However, Paul has a better idea and suggests Declan for the job.

Kate is feeling insecure in her relationship with Declan and thinks there is something he isn’t telling her. When she overhears Declan telling Rebecca about Paul’s offer and that he is going to accept, Kate is upset of always finding things out second hand and decides to offer Declan the same ultimatum Rebecca gave Paul, her or Lassiters!

Diana drops by and says goodbye to Rebecca and tells her to ditch Paul. When Rebecca defends Paul, telling Diana that Paul has taken six months off and Declan is taking over, Diana is shocked. Not one to miss an opportunity to bring Paul down, Diana pays Declan a visit and offers him a deal.

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