Zeke reveals to Susan and Karl at he’s engaged to marry Vic, a British woman he met in London, and explains that that it’s the only way to ensure he gets a visa to permanently stay in London with Vic. Reminding them of their promise to support him – Susan and Karl meet Vic and give the happy couple their blessing. When Zeke’s celebrant gets tongue tied during the ceremony, Susan steps in to assist. Later, she realises the new passion she’s been looking for could have just presented itself – she could become a celebrant.

Lauren is coping with the discovery that Lisa was not her daughter by constantly keeping on the go. Lou expresses concern for her, but she assures her father she’s doing just fine. When Lauren finds herself at a loose end with nothing to distract her, she decides to call Lisa.

Focused on bringing Stephen Montague to justice, Brennan persuades Danni it is safe to return home. She learns about the possible sale of the garage to Paul and assumes this is why Brennan wanted her back. However, Brennan proposes Danni use herself as bait to lure her violent ex back out into the open. Danni is floored by the request.