Following their latest, more dangerous animal activist mission on the Elliot Park Testing Facility, Zeke is arrested for breaking and entering the facility. However, when Zeke refuses to co-operate with the police, Susan gives them Mia’s name. Zeke turns on Susan for betraying the girl he loves, but Susan tries to help Zeke see sense; after all, Mia ran off leaving him to take the rap on his own! When Mia fails to contact Zeke, he begins to question how much he meant to her and the part he played in her illegal activities.

When Donna’s shrugolero empire kicks off she is forced to frantically prepare for the trade show where she will market her design. Luckily for her, the teens rally round to help her prepare for her big moment. However a stuff-up from Ringo makes Donna question their compatibility as a couple. As always, Andrew is there to charm Donna into seeing him as a more compatible partner and to show her that he is more supportive of her career than Ringo. Fed up with Ringo and in need of support, can Donna resist Andrew’s charms for much longer?

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