Zeke is concerned about Donna

Dan is furious at Lucas for stealing two hundred dollars from his wallet. However, Dan tries to cover for Lucas as he doesn’t want him getting into any more trouble, but when Libby asks him about the missing one thousand dollars from their bank account he has to confess all. Libby is furious and confronts Lucas. Angry, Lucas accuses Libby of being a hypocrite in front of Dan for planning to lie under oath for Steph.

Donna’s sick of Zeke lecturing her about the vlog she’s put up on the internet to find her father. He’s worried about her, and tries to persuade her to stop. When Zeke asks to load a filter on her computer he comes across a message from someone claiming to be Donna’s father and deletes it.

Declan starts to feel a sense of peace and finally lets his anger go.  He apologises to Steph for his civil suit against her and asks his friends to join him in the community garden to plant a tree in Didge’s honour. When the teens join Declan at the community garden, Kate isn’t sure whether she should go as she wasn’t part of the gang when Bridget was alive. However, Harry convinces her to join them.

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