Zeke knocks himself out!

Zeke is certain that Sunny has come to harm in the bush and heads off to find her. But when he eventually locates her, his concern prompts a risky rescue attempt. However, his plan goes wrong and Zeke falls, knocking himself out. On regaining consciousness Zeke is suddenly haunted by the re-emergence of the buried memories of his rescue by a shadowy figure after the rafting accident. Sunny, injured and lost in an alien landscape, now finds herself having to look after Zeke. What do these buried memories mean? And will Zeke recover in time?

Lucas finally returns to base camp and Elle gives him a telling off for not answering his phone when his help was needed. Feeling guilty for having snuck off to go gambling, Lucas sets out to search for the missing teens. He eventually finds them, but Sunny slips as he attempts to rescue her. Will Lucas save her? Or will Sunny’s plight threaten him as well?

Meanwhile, Ringo and Declan have decided to get over their guilt and search for Sunny and Zeke in the bush. Their timing couldn’t be worse, for not long after they’ve departed, Bridget goes into labour.

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