Zeke’s frustrated at Robin’s manipulation and tries to get Sunny to see that Robin’s behaviour isn’t normal. However, Sunny thinks Zeke’s anxiety might be coming back. Even more frustrated, they bump into Robin at Harold’s Store and Zeke plays into Robin’s hand and loses it when he tries to get close to Sunny. Now everyone thinks Zeke has a problem – except Libby who tries to explain to Susan that maybe Zeke is right, Zeke’s generally level-headed!

Later at the gym, Zeke bumps into Harry who gives Zeke a bit of advice, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Maybe it’s time for Robin to get a dose of his own medicine!

Paul’s new gossip column causes a big stir in the community – but Kate is outraged when she realises Paul is responsible. With pressure on him to spike the column, Paul has to fast-track his plan and he salvages Callum’s wrestling dream in an effort to make things up to Kate.

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