Paul asks all PirateNet staff to attend a meeting. He explains that they’ve been losing listeners and to rectify it they’ve signed up shock-jock Paddy Sullivan. The staff aren’t happy and Rebecca admits she doesn’t like him but explains that they need the listeners.

Zeke and the others quit and storm out of the building, despite Paul ordering them to get back! Paul is reeling that the staff have walked out and that they’re running out of pre-recorded material when Andrew presents Paul with their new DJ – Donna!

Declan meets Diana and tells her that he knows Andrew gave her the figures and that he knows about Paul moving money around. He promises to give her more on the condition that it only involves Paul, and that Rebecca isn’t involved. Diana isn’t sympathetic to Rebecca’s plight despite Declan telling her that she knows nothing about it at all.

Later, Zeke and the striking PirateNet staff are stunned to hear Donna on the waves. When Zeke confronts Donna, she realizes that Andrew lied when he said she was covering for Zeke because he was ill, not because he had gone on strike.

Back at home, it dawns on Paul how Diana found out about the embezzlement. Furious, he confronts Andrew…

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