It’s the day of Zeke’s court appearance and he tries to figure out if he should take a stand and risk conviction or apologise. Susan is worried for Zeke’s future and pleads with him to back down and take the wrap. However, Zeke decides to stick to his guns and argues with the judge about animal rights. This backfires and the judge throws him in the slammer for contempt of court, hoping to give Zeke a bit of time to rethink his decision.

Later, the judge asks Zeke to return to court and gives him another chance to appear with a better attitude than he had in his first appearance. Will he give in and show some remorse for his actions or risk having a criminal record tarnishing his good name for the rest of his life?

During her performance, Kate puts up with the pain of her injury, only to have a jealous Candace attempt to sabotage her career once again. Backstage Kate lets rip and Terry questions Kate about what really happened. With the truth out, Candace is cut from the troupe. However, Declan is not impressed and thinks Kate should’ve cut Candace some slack as she’s a single mother, and now she’s lost her job. 

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