Zeke finally discovers a way to find out what Mia was doing with his laptop and he is confused when he finds a map of Eden Hills on his hard-drive. He voices his concerns to Donna, who urges him to ask Mia for an explanation. Zeke finds Mia talking to Skinner but she claims that Skinner is harassing her and that the map shows the way to her Grandad’s house.

Zeke is convinced, much to Donna’s relief, but when she later realises that Mia was lying about the map, she seeks Summer’s help to investigate further. An unlikely alliance is formed, and together they plant a recording device on Mia. What will they discover?

Harry fantasises about sweeping Summer off her feet but his efforts fall flat. When Andrew is clearly unsurprised that he is winning the race to secure Summer’s heart, Harry realises that Andrew never saw him as a real threat.

Rebecca is envious of Susan and Karl’s new-found passion for each other and tries some romantic moves on Paul. She suggests a weekend away but, stressed by his financial situation, Paul turns her down. After seeking advice from the Kennedys, Rebecca plucks up the courage and confronts Paul.

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