Zeke is worried about the relaunch of PirateNet as he is unsure of what to expect from new boss Paul. Initially won over by the major investment in new equipment, he is later suspicious when Paul tries to slip in product placement under the guise of an interview.

When Zeke confronts him about it, Paul convinces him that the product falls within the ‘ethical boundaries’ of PirateNet and sweetens the deal by requesting Karl resurrect his radio career. But when he and Dr Karl make their return to the airwaves, Paul foists another product on them and this time Karl knows that it is dodgy. Has Zeke completely sold out his principals to be part of the ‘new’ PirateNet?

Harry makes the basketball team and his confidence gets a significant boost. But when Griffo challenges him to a game of one-on-one, with the stakes being Harry’s place on the team, Harry accepts with uncharacteristic bravado. Will his new-found confidence be his downfall?

Things remain tense between Donna and Andrew. As a result of Kate and Rebecca’s urging, Donna and Andrew come to an arrangement.

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