The judge gives Zeke a second chance at redeeming himself and he’s let off with a stint of community service and six months’ bond. However, his troubles are far from over when the Erinsborough News picks up on Zeke’s story. The chief sponsor of PirateNet is not impressed by the bad publicity and Mel is forced to suspend him from the station. 

Kate rallies behind Zeke, suggesting a new image might get his job back, and they organise for another article to be published in the paper, telling Zeke’s side of the story. However, the portrayal of an animal-loving-geek doesn’t pay off, the publicity is bad for the station and Mel sacks him on the spot. When Zeke goes to see Mel at PirateNet, he finds out the owners of PirateNet have kicked them off the property. PirateNet is finished!

Callum continues to hang out with Dean’s gang, even though they’re picking on his best friend Sophie. When Dean and his mates go too far and steal Sophie’s pencil case and tease her in front of the students, Callum takes a stand and defends her, angering Dean. But Sophie’s not so quick to forgive and Callum finds himself alone and friendless.

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